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A little bit about us...

  • Cardboard Superheroes is a non-profit organization that promotes creative thinking, learning, and the arts in education.

  • Founded by the creators of the life-sized cardboard models such as Iron Man, C-3PO, Groot, and more!

  • Host and provide events, workshops, and educational resources.

  • Design workshops and run events for other organizations.



  • A full educational curriculum that incorporates STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, and Mathematics) through engineering design skills.

  • Incorporates the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): Engineering and Design

  • Build Wall-E, Captain America's Shield, Thor's Hammer, and more!

  • Included: templates, video tutorials, student worksheets, teacher's guides + rubrics, and more!

Pop-Culture STEAM Curriculum
200+ Schools, 35+ States, 10+ Countries