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Note: models ordered by level of difficulty

Build Time: ranges from 0.5 to 1 hour

Recommendation: use Amazon boxes and Kitchen Aid scissors

Any educators or organizations want educational supplemental materials for this course?

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Elementary School Curriculum

What's included?

  • A full educational curriculum that incorporates STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, and Mathematics) through engineering design skills.

  • Incorporates the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): Engineering and Design

  • Build the Millennium Falcon, Baymax, EVE, Batarang and more!

  • Included: templates, video tutorials, student worksheets, teacher's guides + rubrics, and more!

More Coming Soon!

Using house hold materials...
Cardboard, Hot Glue Gun, Scissors, & Tape
This free STEAM curriculum teaches students how to create their own cardboard superheroes while incorporating school lessons and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). Students will be immersed in the arts and engineering to enhance their creativity.

Educator resources

Model 1:

2023-03-11 21.14.51-1.jpg
2023-03-11 21.16.14-1.jpg
2023-03-11 21.15.18-1.jpg
2023-03-11 21.16.02-1.jpg
2023-03-11 21.15.00-1.jpg
2023-03-11 21.15_edited.jpg
PDF Template
EVE Template

Model 2:

PDF Template
Batarang Template

Model 3:
& Ghost

PAC-MAN & Ghost Diorama
2023-03-11 21.25.41.jpg
2023-03-11 21.25.52.jpg
2023-03-11 21.25.23.jpg
2023-03-11 21.25.57.jpg
2023-03-11 21.25.08.jpg
2023-03-11 21.26.00.jpg
PDF Template
PAC-MAN & Ghost Diorama Template

Model 4:

Untitled design.png
2023-03-11 22.00.18.jpg
2023-03-11 22.00.44.jpg
2023-03-11 22.00.25.jpg
2023-03-11 22.01.22.jpg
2023-03-11 22.00.35.jpg
2023-03-11 22.00.04.jpg
PDF Template
Spiderman Emblem Template

Model 5:

2023-03-11 19.02.52.jpg
2023-03-11 19.02.07.jpg
2023-03-11 19.02.04.jpg
2023-03-11 19.02.16.jpg
2023-03-11 19.03.32.jpg
2023-03-11 13.28.15.jpg
PDF Template
Baymax Template

Model 6:

Millenium Falcon
2023-03-11 21.57.36.jpg
2023-03-11 21.57.45.jpg
2023-03-11 21.58.05.jpg
2023-03-11 21.58.48.jpg
2023-03-11 21.58.28.jpg
2023-03-11 21.59.28.jpg
PDF Template
Millennium Falcon Template

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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Coming Soon!

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