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Connor's first "life-sized" cardboard model at the age of 6


Cardboard Superheroes is a non-profit. We provide free workshops in an effort to promote the arts. We are working to provide an alternative that is free and fun for everyone. 

Cardboard Superheroes was officially founded in 2019, but the brothers have been building life-sized cardboard models for the past 6 years now. They want to share their love for superheroes and crafts with as many people as possible.

Cardboard Superheroes has partnered with the Comic-Con Museum to provide a free online workshop to build your own miniature superhero models.

Connor Face.jpeg

Connor Lee - Co-founder

Connor grew up at his Grandpa's work, which was filled with cardboard boxes. To pass the time, he would make castles and forts. Eventually when his Grandpa retired, Connor was gifted a "life-time supply" of cardboard boxes. He created his first "life-sized" robot at the age of 6.

Bauer Lee - Co-founder

Bauer Face.jpg

Bauer has also loved to build ever since he was little, but started off with paper. He built paper airplanes, tanks, ninja stars, and more. After seeing his brother's cardboard superhero models, Bauer decided to join his brother and Cardboard Superheroes was started.